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Latest News and Updates

Gigapurbalingga is a really popular Indonesian website and all the latest news and updates made to our website is listed below:

04/09/2023 – As of today we have completed 11 years of free software providing service. We started our brand in 2012 and up until now all the rights are reserved by us.

17/04/2023Another good news! We have started uploading famous games on our website.

04/12/2022We have started a update cycle in which we are updating the downloading links of the software.

04/11/2015 – Uploaded 3000+ softwares on gigapurbalingga. Show some love by sharing our website with your friends.

11/05/2014 – Amazing! As of today our website conatins 2000+ softwares. Trying to give you everything you need.

21/03/2013 – We have uploaded 1000 softwares on our website. Thanks for you support.

04/09/2012 – This is a start of new journey – We look forward to make your overall software downlading easy by providing you reliable premium softwares for free. Show us some support and share this website.

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