FAQ about Gigapurbalingga

What is Gigapurbalingga?

Gigapurbalingga is an Indonesian brand website that let’s you download premium software for free. You don’t have to pay any price for these software.

Is Giggapurbalinga safe to download softwares?

Yes, gigapurbalingga is completely safe to download. You can download your favorite software without any tension of your privacy or data being leaked.

How to dowload softwares from gigapurbalingga?

Downloading software form gigapurbalingga is really easy you just need to search the name of the software in the search bar and open it. After opening, scroll down to the end of the page, the download links will be given there. Click on them and you will be redirected to another page of mega drive, from there you can download the software. After downloading extract it using WinRAR and install.

How do i download games via torrent? Is it safe?

You just need to download bittorrent or utorrent. And open the torrent file in the torrent. And the file will start downloading. Good thing about torrent is that it let you pause the downloading process.

How do I updated the software?

To update any software, you will need to delete the previous version and re-download the latest version from our site.

The file I downloaded is not an .zip file, but an .iso/.exe file?

Some of the files can be in .iso and .exe format so don’t worry about them. But, some of them can also be wrong files downloaded from the ads that you redirected to. So, before installing check the size of the real software.

My download is very slow?

If your downloading process is really slow try using a internet download manager, our webiste gives you that (Gigapurbalingga IDM). It will really speed up process, but if you still you face the problem try changing your internet connection or use a VPN.

My antivirus picked up the software as a trojan?

The software that you will download from this website includes crack files which activates the premium features of the software. These files are essential and are detected as trojan by antivirus, It is because many companies pay these antivirus to do so. So, that you think that it is a virus and download it from the official source.

I am having problem while installing the software?

If you are facing problem while installing the software, it can be due to many reasons. Furthermore, some common reasons include low end device, meaning your device does not match the minimum requirement of the software. Other reasons can be the file being corrupted.
If the file is corrupted you can contact us for re-upload. To conatct us click here.

I love you work? Where can I donate?

We appreciate your love, but we do not take any donations from our users. Although, if you like our work just share this website with your friends.