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You ACKNOWLEDGE and AGREE to the following terms and conditions by utilizing the information, services, and products offered through this site, specifically by downloading some or all of the files on Gigapurbalingga.one:

  • The usage of the software and games available on this site is entirely beyond the scope of the Gigapurbalingga.one website.
  • This site is unrelated to the software/software and games available for download and cannot be held liable for any problems or faults that may arise as a result of their use.
  • This website is not liable for any legal or personal issues that may arise as a result of utilizing the software/games.
  • All difficulties, responsibilities, and consequences resulting from downloading software/software and games from Gigapurbalingga.one are totally the user’s duty, and the kuyhaa-me.com site bears no responsibility in any way.
  • In any shop or marketplace, we never sell pirated software! If there is, it is NOT US; they are operating in our name; use caution! We are not to blame for this.
  • We only share software for testing and learning purposes, not for commercial use! Please purchase the original if you intend to commercialize it!
  • As crackers, we never crack or plow! We are merely suppliers whose sources are collected from external sites for testing or research purposes! and usage is beyond our control!
  • Purchase the original and show your appreciation to the developer for your efforts! We are not liable for any misuse of this website.


If you are the publisher of a software and wish to have it removed from Gigapurbalingga, please contact us at [email protected]. Within 48 hours, we will call you to verify your identification and follow up on your report.

You will not face any issue while downloading software from our sites. Still, if you face some issues you can contact us.

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